Cybersecurity is one of the new trends in the computer world. Both governments and companies are struggling daily to protect their informations or even to be able to get rivals informations. We at pogTeam believe in a true hacker-style team for developing our cyber skills together by playing CTFs contests and discussing every security aspect of technology.


The pogTeam is a brazilian CTF team established in 2016. It encompasses the true hacker nature as being a purely decentralized and collaborative group, formed by people geographically distributed around the country that share both responsibilities and wins.

Our mission is to help each and every member learning and improving his technical skills while having a good time. Our view is to become a top CTF team and stimulate the development of professional infosec in Brazil.


  • @douglasqsantos
  • @rafael_p


CTFs (Capture The Flag) are contests in the realm of computer security. It generally comes in two flavors, Jeopardy or Attack-Defense. The first one is the most common and consists of a few categories of challenges, from simple to highly complex ones. We at pogTeam focus at:

  • Web
  • Cryptography
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Pwning

How to join

No matter if you are an expert or just a pwning noob. If you find yourself isolated and stuck in your cybersecurity skiils development, we may help you. No fees, no ego-battle, just the pure hacker style. Get in touch and start catching some flags for the pogTeam.


We always try to discuss challs, competitions, new vulns, tools and stuff like that. As a result, we have a GitHub repo where we throw everything we create, so other people can grow with us. Just for the lulz.